Sunday, June 20, 2010

Back on the move

Zac is on the move again. He hiked some 21 miles according to the spots I have received. Last nigh he amped on Virginia Lake.(37.51,-118.93) Tonight he is just east of Mill City (37.603,-119.067) There is a chance he will reach Toulume Meadows tomorrow. I do not know if he is hiking alone or with a group. I am looking for a phone call from him any day now. I will relay any information I receive. There is a good chance he will reach Toulume Meadows tomorrow. I have added a few new videos to the blog. I have put them in as close to the date that they actually occurred. You may have to search in the older post to find them.

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Tom M said...

Thanks for all the updates as always. Could you let us know what days the new videos are posted for so we can go back right to those dates in the blog. there's getting to be so much material now that going back to find new stuff is a "did i see this?" scavenger hunt. for instance i just saw the ford superduty dump truck shelter video. quite the lucky break there