Friday, June 25, 2010

Yo Yo Yosemite!

Will have to be brief with this entry, unfortunately. I've made it through the high Sierras in the high snow year. Was in the first wave of no more than twenty people to make the long snowy trail-less traverse over the high passes of the Sierras. I'm staying with Billy and Virgia, former Yellowstoners, now working in Yosemite. The past couple days, while they have been at work I've been doing some amazing day hikes around and up Yosemite Valley. Tomorrow thte Bryans will take me as far as Lee Vining on their day off. From there, I'll be hitching the rest of the 140 miles to the Reno, Nevada airport to fly home, Georgia, for my sister's wedding. Wedding bells ring July 2nd and I'm back to Reno on the 4th of July and hitching back to Tuolumne Meadows in northern Yosemite to continue hiking to Canada. I've left the trail at mile 942. But with side trips and other days hikes and walks to town, I've done right around 1000 miles since April 13th! Will update more on the Sierras and it crazy stories when i have more time back home. For now, I'm enjoying the company of great friends, Billy and Virgia. Being in their house, is almost like being back in Yellowstone. They had been in the park for over ten years and have brought a good bit back to their new home in California and the other YNP park. Can't wait for some wedding cake and some Grandma's cooking when i get home to Georgia! Happy trails!

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