Friday, April 16, 2010

Today I did not hear from Zac at all. I am assuming that he is out of cell phone service. I did receive several spots from his GPS device. From the locations I received I can tell he is on the move.

Here is what I know from the information I have received. He left Laguna Mt this morning and sent his first GPS spot (32.86672- 116.42008) around 10:10 our time. That is 7:10 am his time. This location is close to where he stayed last night. The next signal location I received was spot (32.8942- 116.42802). You can see this on Google maps if you zoom in enough. You can even see the trial and follow it to his next spot at (32.92449 - 116.48154) which I received at 3:45 pm our time. The next spot sent to me was around 4:45 pm. The location was (32.93678 - 116.48338). This looks like rocky terrain from the satellite photo on Google maps. That last coordinates received today was (32.97716 - 116.52679). This puts him in Anza-Borrego Desert. This link has some pictures of what he is hiking through.8:15 pm was the time of the last communication received today so we can only assume that he is setting up his camp here. This could be the Pioneer Mail Trail Head picnic area. If this is the case, Zac has hiked about 10 more miles today.

He should be getting to the post office mentioned in Wednesday’s post around the middle of next week. If you are planning to send him any mail, please keep it light. He might appreciate some folding money.

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