Saturday, April 17, 2010

Today Zac sent only three spots with his GPS device. His first spot was sent at 6:50 am his time. He was getting an early start. His spot was (32.97719 - 116.52675). Today it looks like he did a lot of downhill hiking. His starting elevation was 5260 feet. His next spot posting was (32.01261 - 116.5264). This was around 12:20 pm. This location was along the Mason Valley Truck Trail. The elevation here was 4690 feet. The last spot I received today came from near Scissors Crossing where the trial crosses highway 78 at the San Felipe Creek. (32.09822 - 116.47218) The time was 5:45 pm. Elevation is 2252 feet here. A drop of almost 3000 feet from the time he started this morning. Today he completed 25 miles. Walking downhill makes a difference it seems. Still no verbal communication. I did get a message from Julianne. Her group was at Mt. Laguna this morning. They are about a day behind him. I’m sure that seeing some familiar faces would be a great treat for him. Since I have not received another spot from him I can only assume that he is going to camp here for the night. His total mileage so far, as of his last spot, is 77.6 miles. He has 32 miles to go before reaching Warner Springs and his first Post Office delivery of food and notes from well wishers.

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Tom M said...

I'm not sure which member of the Finley's is assuming the blogging responsibilities for Zac since he started (Kim?), but I really appreciate it. Obviously it'd be very hard to hear from him directly, so you're doing us a great service. For background, I know Zac from the '07 and '08 summers at Lake Lodge. I've known him to have a hint of crazy, but this trip is more Jack London than a friend's summer. There's no doubt I'll be checking this blog regularly, and any extra anecdotes about the trip from Zac would be great to hear. I know you likely didn't sign up for a summer as his secretary haha, but know that I appreciate it. And of course to Zac, please let him know the Lake guys are following him and that he should get a steak and a tall beer in Warner Springs on us.