Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Zac made it to Warner Springs today around 12:00 his time. His friends greeted him with a meal of pasta and hamburgers. He picked up his mail and did some laundry in town. He is staying in a hotel room with 6 other hikers in Warner Springs tonight. I am sure that the snoring from that room will shake the shingles. He plans to hit the trail again tomorrow. A restful night will do him good. He has hiked some 109 miles as of today. He is hiking with a group and that is good for his moral and security. He was in a good mood and had no complaints. The conversations are short and not very in depth when he calls on a borrowed cell phone. I am trying to piece together information so I can present something on the blog. After tonight he will hopefully have a full charged for his phone. When he has time to talk I will drill him with as many details as he will divulge and I will relay that information here to all are following Zac's trip.


Anonymous said...

HI Mr Finley!
Im wondering if Zac has previously set up his mail for his next stop? I was afraid my post wouldnt get there in time so ive held off sending it, is there a next stop i can mail this too?

(and old student of yours :) )

Kim said...

Zac's next mail drop is
Zac Finley
General Delivery
Idyllwild, CA 92549
He will probably get there next Tuesday 4-27-10. If you mail it
1st class mail it should get there in time.