Thursday, April 15, 2010

Zac is in Mt Laguna tonight resting in a lodge. He said it is the only one in town. He sent his spot (32.86672 - 116.42008) at 10:00pm. He is 43 miles into his trip and his legs are feeling a little fatigued. Last night was a chilly one. He woke up to frost on his tent. The trail today was not well maintained. He climbed to an elevation of near 6000 feet. An increase of almost 3000 feet. He will recharge his phone and camera and hopefully his body tonight sleeping a comfortable bed. He met some through hikers today from New Zealand. These fellow hikers began the PCT on the same day as Zac, so he will be seeing them several times along the way. He is meeting interesting people from all over the world it seems. He was calling from a phone booth because he had no cell service there. He is not sure what his goal will be for tomorrow. There is no designated campground for 30 miles or so. He plans to go as far as he can and will set up his camp off the trail somewhere. He is sore but his spirits are high. Our conversation was short but I got the impression he was enjoying himself. You can enter these spots into Google maps and see his last location. If the street view option is available, you can see the terrain at that location.

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