Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Zac called this afternoon and said he was done for the day. His feet were blistered and sore. He was going to give himself a rest for the remainder of the day so he can get a good start the next day.

During the night of his first camp at Hauser Creek, he said it was chilly but comfortable. After a Powerbar breakfast he was on his way. He had walked about ten miles on what had for the most part been a washed out trail. He was going to camp at the Boulder Oaks Campground at spot 32.72972 - 116.48411. He was 26.4 miles into the trip. The campground was closed but he would still make it his camp for the night.

He said that today’s hike was very hot and hard to walk but was filled with beautiful scenery. He saw lizards everywhere. Some were the size of squirrels. He saw a few roadrunners as well as several humming birds. The rabbits he saw were fairly large. He had his first water crossing today at Cottonwood Creek. About mid day he stopped under an oak tree and dined on Graham Crackers and peanut butter before moving on. The trail was washed out for most of the day. He said it was hard to find any level ground to stand on. It apparently took a toll on his feet. He decided to stop early so he could rest them some.

He said that another traveler had also decided to camp at Boulder Oaks Campground tonight. His name was Keith and he was bicycling from St. Augustine Fla. to San Diego Calf. His journey that had started in February was almost over.

Zac was hoping for smoother trails tomorrow. He is planning to get as far as Mt. Laguna where he could recharge his phone and get a burger or two or three. He said he might even stay there a couple of nights before continuing. He told me that he is not on anyone’s clock. He is having a fantastic adventure. He wants to be at Warner Springs in 4 or 5 days. He will pick up his first post there.

Zac Finley
General Delivery
Warner Springs, CA 92086

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