Sunday, August 22, 2010

Going to see Sister

On Friday Zac had what he called the easiest day so far. He had hiked 30 miles by 6:30 pm. During the day he said they had passed at least twenty lakes. Although many were small and nameless, they were clear and a wonder to look out on and just as spectacular as the big name bodies of water. The only bad part of the day were the mosquitoes. At one point the group look like they were doing the Macarana dance, swatting wildly at the devilish beasts. He was wearing a bug net to keep them off his face but still it must have been tough being tormented by such a relentless hoard. They spent some time at the Elk Lake resort where they got a burger and caught their breath. On Saturday they hiked around the Three Sisters Wilderness range. Named after three volcanoes in the area, all above the 10,000 ft elevation mark. They hiked through old lava flows that had turned to shiny obsidian rock. Zac said it looked like a million crushed glass bottles covering the ground. After a 30 mile day the group was tired and the night was getting cold. The group looked for a warm place to camp. The best they could find was an old observatory on a mountain top. I am not sure how he got inside but I'm almost positive that no laws were broken. (maybe bent a little) The observatory was built back in 1935 during the depression by the Civilian Conservation Corps. It was made from lava rocks from the suronding area and stands about 5,187 feet above sea level. The group will stay in the town of Sister tonight, all chipping in for a room somewhere. There are forest fires near the trail north of him and decisions need to be made about alternate routes if needed. Today he also collected his mail and packages from the mail drop at Big lake Youth Camp. He has 2006 miles behind him now and one more state to conquer before reaching Cnanda.
(44.3717,-121.86548) was the last spot I received so far today. Keep hiking Zac. One step at a time.

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