Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Oregon trail

Zac is out of California and into Oregon! He made it to Asland Oregon today and is doing well. He received 5 packages at the post office. Thank you Nana and Gdaddy, Lou and Dwight, and Mr. Craig. He was having trouble with his trekking poles and will have them checked out at the local sporting goods shop. He has been hiking with Aya, Sayo, (the sisters) Bote and Blackberry. The sister's parents showed up and took their packs on to Ashland so the group could slack pack into town. Slack pack is when you hike without your heavy pack. Bote and Zac are staying the night in The Commons in Ashland. A well deserved rest after 10 days of hiking and camping. One of the girls had a nasty sting from a scorpion the other night and everyone's feet needs some TLC . He has hiked 1.726 miles so far. There are 422 miles to go to the Washington boarder. He said the scenery was beautiful in northern California and southern Oregon is amazing. Thank you for keeping up with him and his trek.

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