Sunday, August 29, 2010

Real quick before I leave for the trail again in about 5 minutes....

Decided to stay one more night camping on Thunder Island floating on the Columbia River last night. With the Trail Daze event going on, many of my hiking friends from the entire length of the trail were showing up, which made it hard to leave. It was like a great class reunion. Names from past miles I had not seen as far back as mile 101 in Warner Springs, California: Tarzan, Zelda, Flashback, Fox trot, Baby Steps, Chipmunk, Golden Child, Train, Axilla, Uncle Tom, General Lee, Dick Wizard, Duff, Genius, Gut Hook, Little Engine, Plain Slice, Physco, Apricots, Colter, Zero Zero, Iron Man, Free Bird, Dona Sauffley(southern Cal trail angel), Lone Ranger, Trash Pocket, Happy Camper, Pat, Hui!, Chocolate Bandito, and many others I am running out of time to list. It was great to catch up with everyone, and meet new friends as well. The Island was sprouting small backpackers tents all over from every shape, color, and design. Had to have been over 100 tents pitched spotted the green island on the Columbia River. It was quite the scene. I even won some gear at the raffle gear-giveaway as part of all the events going on. Former thru hikers were in attendance as well with great slideshows and movies to share with all on a giant projection screen. It was entertaining trying to keep the screen up on the very windy island.

Anywho, I off this morning, back to the trail, for a race to Canada! And it will be a race now. I have booked travel arrangements from Seattle on the evening of the 18th of September, so I've gotta get moving with about 460 miles of beautiful Washington trail to cover. I can hardy wait for Goat Rocks Wilderness, Glacier Peak Wilderness, Mount Rainier, North Cascades Natioanal Park, and finally Manning Park! Looks like rain is in the forecast today and may be the commmon trend in Washington, another reason to get to Canada sooner before it gets any colder!

Thanks again for all the support and your prayers as I wrap up this last chunk of the Pacific Crest Trail! Yee Haw!

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Tarzan and Zelda said...

It was awesome seeing you too SlimJim! You are still looking strong and happy. Hikeon to Canada, We wish you well and will follow you on the rest of your incredible journey.
Tarzan and Zelda