Monday, August 2, 2010

Can you hear me now?

Zac was in Mt Shasta when his cell phone went haywire. He could not get it to do anything. He is not sure why. I mean seriously, what could have possibly happened to it? Maybe it was caught up in a snow storm on the top of some mountain in the Sierra's, or over heated while crossing the desert. Maybe it was damaged while crossing a raging river that was swollen by the snow melts. The phone could have been dropped while escaping the clutches of an angry mama bear or the fangs of a disturbed rattlesnake. Maybe a boulder fell on it while rock climbing up a cliff face to find the perfect camping spot. I am sure that what ever the reason it was not any fault of his and just a device malfunction. Zac has some friends who live in Redding Calf. who came to his rescue. Kimberly and Tom drove some 50 miles to Mt Shasta and picked him up and then drove him back to Redding to a mall where he could get a new phone. They are going to drive him back and he will continue on the trail. Thank you so much Kimberly and Tom!
Zac has gone 1510 miles so far. He has 194 miles to go before reaching Oregon. He received his shoes and several other packages from friends and relatives. The GPS device is still giving everyone fits. I am still hoping to get this worked out before too long. Thanks for tuning in folks!

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