Friday, August 27, 2010

Lazy Day on the River

It's been a long time since I've had internet capabilities to write on my blog or even read the updates my folks have been feeding you all. Many thanks to my dad and mom for keeping the blog current. They've done an amazing job with the videos and articles of my daily life on the trail.

I'm camping tonight in the middle of the Columbia River. Yes, actually in the middle of the river on Thunder Island in the small town of Cascade Locks. I'm really trying to take it easy today. I have already done much of my logistics and food drop planning for the remainder of trail to Canada, so I don't even have much homework and chores to do in town. I have an excellent place where I have set up my tent, looking downstream on the Columbia River. I can look across it and see the Washington border. I can look downstream under the Bridge of the Gods, and think about what it must have been like to float down this river on a raft made of trees back in the 1800's as families were moving their lives across the country in a covered wagon on the Oregon Trail and finishing their journey downstream from where I'm sitting in my tent. What an adventure! So, I'll rest today, with not much to do, and be ready to tackle Washington and all its wet chilly challenges that lay ahead for my adventure to Canada. Sometime Saturday early afternoon, I will be back on the Pacific Crest Trail with only 500 miles to the border. 500 miles doesn't seem like much after having already walked 2100+ miles.

I've already gone over my time limit that they have giving me here at the Best Western Inn to use their computer, but I may try to sneak a few more minutes in to look into some transportation East. I have to start thinking about Maine and the Appalachian Trail soon! Thanks again and always for your support, encouragement, letters, care packages, and prayers!
Happy trails- Zac

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