Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Have arrived at Casa de Luna, the Anderson's, this morning after staying at their wonderful cache last night. The Anderson's are another awesome trail angel family that welcomes thru hikers into their home. The Anderson's are a bit more on the wild side compared to the Saufley's though. And Tom, yes, I will get more videos of the "human element" and scorching heat of th Mojave. They should be up soon. My parents have encountered some problems uploading more videos, but seem to back to par with things in the next few days. Going to help Terry Anderson make up some Taco Salad for now. Happy Trail
-Slim Jim

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Tom M said...

haha a shoutout in the blog! my day is complete. after reading again my request sounds totally ridiculous - just take advantage of every couch the PCT has to offer alright. im sure that wont be a problem ha