Sunday, May 9, 2010

Still Truckin'

Dad: “Zac, where are you?” Zac: “I’m in the hospital.” Dad: “What??!!” Zac: “I’m at the hospital in Cedar Glen taking a break. The weather is pretty bad right now and I came in here to charge my phone and rest a little.” Dad: “Not funny Zac.”

Zac left his hiking group and took a detour to Cedar Glen to check his mail and to see if his clothes arrived. He said he had been wearing the same T shirt and long sleeve shirt for the past week and a half. He did wash it once he said. He plans to check his mail then head out as soon as he can tomorrow. The nurses there were very nice to him. They let him hang out in the waiting room and even watched his pack while he went into town to get supplies. They told him he could shower there too before leaving, which he gladly took them up on. Camping was going to cost him $18 and that was too steep for just one little tent. He said that there was an old National Forest service building/shed on the edge of town that he might stay in. He checked it out and said the roof has some big holes and it looked like it has not been in use for quite some time. He also said he might just camp in the woods depending on the weather. He said it looked like the weather was about to dump on him. He said that the shed looked sort of spidery. And if you know Zac you know how he feels about spiders, the camping in the woods might be where he sleeps tonight rain or no rain. He also told me that there was a forest service truck in the shed that was unlocked and he is considering sleeping in the cab. His last spot sent was 34.25416,-117.17288.

The other day Zac was getting water at the well at Doble trail camp. He was trying to pump the water from the old well and noticed it was making a hissing sound. As he leaned down to see where the noise was coming from he realized the sound was not coming from the well but from a rattlesnake that was situated himself between Zac’s feet. He was saved by his catlike reflexes. OK.... they may not be catlike, remember he was a catcher, but I am sure he was making good time away from that drinking hole. That will be last time he cuts in line at the water fountain.

There are many home town friends who I run into to ask about him. Tim F. and Greg C. said they were pulling for him every step of the way. Tim F. said he was going to meet him on the AT and put in some miles with him. Mike H. says he reads the blog every chance he gets. Relatives are always asking how Zac is getting along and trying to keep up with his trek. Granddaddy keeps up with every bit of information he can squeeze out of me. Steven C. keeps up with the spots and follows along. “Hike Forest hike!”

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Tom M said...

haha zac realizing it was a snake would be the #1 video on youtube if someone had filmed it. i would send that to everyone i know. and yea catlike isnt quite it, im thinking more along the lines of bear-like reflexes. maybe even moose-like. also, if i had to think of the worst possible place you could lead off with telling parents you were at, hospital would be #1