Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Moving Right Along


Zac slept pretty good last night as soon as the wind stopped roaring around his tent. He said that sometime in the night he was awaken by critters of some sort rustling around in his dinner trash. He had a cold can of chili and some chips on top of the snicker bar and peanut butter for dinner. He turned on his headlamp and yelled at whatever it was and the commotion ceased for the remainder of the night. He began packing up his gear around 5:00 this morning and was on the trail by 6 am. By the time he reached the end of his hike today, some 11 hours later, he had traveled 29 miles and was planning his carnivorous assault on the local McDonalds in Phelan California.

The terrain today was a mixture of ups and downs as well as flat trail. During the course of the day he lost some 2000 feet in elevation. He saw his friend “Long Toe” who he had not seen since Warner Springs. He also passed the
Megatex group. This is a group of 7 experienced hikers who Zac had walked with a few times before. He saw three snakes. None of which were of the rattling brand. He said that this evening his feet and legs felt fine but his shoulders and back were letting him know they were there. He was in very good spirits and excited about his progress for the day.

Just to satisfy anyone’s curiosity about what was consumed at the McDonalds…One Big Mac, Two McDoubles, one Angus Burger, one chocolate shake and an ice cream in a cone. I’m sure women were pulling their small children away as they walked past him for fear of having a little one’s arm or leg ripped out of their socket and dipped in some McBar-B- Q sauce before being gobbled up. Zac said he was in a food coma. I guess it beats a Snicker bar and cold chili.

Tonight he was contemplating sleeping arrangements. He could sleep under the interstate 15 bridge with an unruly group he did not know, hike another 8 miles to a campground, or wait for some familiar hikers to come through and see if they wanted to pitch in and split the cost of a room. At the last minute an elderly gentleman graciously put up some cash for him to stay at the local Best Western. He took him up on his offer and will be enjoying the spa and continental breakfast as well as a nice quiet, cozy room all to himself. Quite a change from the rooms resembling the Jonestown massacre he had shared before with bodies all over the floor. The walls shaking with the vibrations from 15 or more hikers snoring their way through the night. Sleep well my friend. You only have only 2,285 more miles ahead of you.


basketcase said...

Absolutely hilarious!

tiki tiki timbo said...

So did that McDonalds have to close down after Zac left? With all that food he should be good for another couples days!

Cindy said...

I laughed out loud when I read this. I know Zac is having a great time.