Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tylerhorse Canyon

Last night at Tyler Horse Canyon, the wind was such a powerful force that it was impossible to pitch a tent. The skies were clear so the group decided to cowboy camp. The wind was howling a steady blast of frigid air across their sleeping bags all night. Zac said that some time in the night, he thought he heard something hitting his sleeping bag. He didn't feel any moisture seeping into his bag so he thought it was just a sprinkle. He could live with that. That morning when he woke up his sleeping bag had about a half inch of snow covering it. The group set out after breakfast towards Tehachapi. The ridge trail was narrow and the wind was so bad it was difficult to walk without being blown into cactus or some small bush. His glasses were blown off his face a few times he said. When they were off the ridge they met some rangers who were checking on hikers along the trail due to bad conditions. They told them that the winds gust last night and today were up to 50 miles an hour and the wind chill last night was close to 15 degrees. They had gone 17 miles today. While hitching into town he lost his best pair of gloves. He said they are either on the trail somewhere or in the bed of the truck that picked him up. He was having a bad day. The town of Tehachapi is spread out in such a way that the post office is 2 miles from the hotel where he was staying. They did find an all you can eat Chinese buffet which might change their policy after that group went through. He was planning to take in a movie "Robin Hood" tonight. He got his sister, Erin, to look up show times from her computer here in Ga. He will check his mail in the morning and then keep heading north. Be sure to check for new videos I have slipped in this blog. I am trying to put them close to they entry because I get the videos about three weeks after they actually happened. You may have to go back to his first day on the trail. his next mail pick up is: Kennedy Meadows 96740 Beach Meadows Road Inyokern Calf. 93527

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