Monday, May 24, 2010

Mail Call

Today in Tehachapi Zac met a man at the post office named John who was retired. They began to talk about the trail and Zac told him some of the more interesting things that had happened so far. To make a long story short, Zac and the man hit it off and he offered Zac a ride all over town. He had his own personal shuttle. When Zac told him about losing his gloves, John gave him a brand new pair of ski gloves with the tag still on them. He gave them peanut butter and other treats for the trail. Zac really enjoyed his company and all of his help. John even gave Golden Child and Zac a ride up to the trail head. Zac shared some of his brownies with John that he had gotten from Nana and G Daddy. The life expectancy of a shipment of homemade brownies is greatly reduced in the presence of hungry hikers. This was no exception. These Brownies met their fate rather quickly and no mercy was shown. It was probably not a pretty site. R.I.P
The last spot I received from him was (35.11411,- 118.25778) He said from his tent he can see a bunch of windmills turning. There are many wind farms in this area. He is camping tonight in a small grove of Joshua trees.
He wanted to say a special thanks to the people who have taken time out of their day to send him something by mail. The Aquino's from New York, Helen and Brent from Yellowstone, Monty and Granddaddy from Pendergrass, Dwight and Lou from Chester SC, Rachel from Yellowstone, and the Greenville Millers.

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