Monday, May 3, 2010

On The Road Again

After a couple of days off from hiking, Zac is back on his way. This time he is heading north again. He hitched a ride from Idyllwild to interstate 10, Zac hiked the 4 miles to the trail head. He is hiking with a thru hiker from Ga. He told me that a large number of his friends that were in Idyllwild have gone a couple of hundred miles north to leapfrog to the desert. As of the last spot I received Zac was at spot 33.98863,-116.6556. This is very close to Mission Creek Road for those of you with a play book. He plans to be at Big Bear City in three days. His next postal pick up will be in a week at Cedar Glen, Ca 92321. Last time I spoke with him he was in very good spirits and ready to be back on the trail north. I am not sure when I will have Phone contact with him again. I am using the spots he sends me, Google maps and the trail guide book. Putting all three together and calling my nephew from Ga Tech to help correlate my formula, I will give you the best up to date news of his progress I can muster. I have asked for Federal assistance through NASA but I have not heard back from them as of yet. Thank you for keeping an interest in his journey. Next post stop: Zac Finley General Delivery Cedar Glen, Ca 92321

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