Friday, May 7, 2010

Mystery Box

Zac is having some wardrobe malfunctions. He wanted to lighten his load and mail a box of clothes he did not need to the next P.O. location. It would have been a good plan if the box had actually arrived there. He has tried in vain along with the Postal service to locate the box. He lost a lot of trail time trying to work this out and today he set out without his wardrobe. he has asked the Post office to forward any boxes to the next P.O. office at Cedar Glenn. He has some clothes to wear. There is probably some law against hiking nude and besides that, he could scare away the animals not to mention other hikers. The last spot I received from Zac was 34.28961,-116.88374. He shared a hotel room with a few other hikers last night in Big Bear City. He started out early today trying to find his package and didn't get on the trail until 12:00. I think he will make much better time tomorrow.

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msm said...

Love the videos!