Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Zac called tonight and filled me in on his progress. He was in the town of Burney Ca. about 7 miles off the trail. They hitched a ride into town and have gone in for a room at the Green Gables Motel. The owner set them up in an apartment type dwelling with kitchen, laundry, and even a pool table. This is a well needed resting spot. He had only gotten 9 hours of sleep in the last 48 hours and hiked 60 miles in the past two days. The full moon last night made it a great night hiking experience and they also took long breaks. They only saw one rattlesnake this time. There was a water cache close to road 22 that was a welcome sight.
In the room, the other hikers, Symbiosis, Bote, Aya, Sayo and Blackberry got together and filled the trash can with ice foo Zac to soak his feet in. They were hurting a little according to Zac. His shoes are falling apart on him. He still has some 90 miles to go before reaching Dunsmuir and the new pair I sent him. He seems to think they will make it. A 6th hiker, Lone Ranger, stayed at the trail back on Hwy 299 and will rejoin the group later. Tonight they were going to enjoy some fine Mexican cuisine before going to the Safeway for some supplies. Zac said he wanted to cook breakfast for everybody. The owner of the motel has offered to give them a ride back to the trail head in the morning. I want to thank everyone family and friends near and far for keeping him in their thoughts and prayers.

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Cindy said...

This makes me tired just reading about Zac's travels! Thank you for posting the blogs. I enjoy keeping up with Zac. We are keeping Zac in our prayers.