Thursday, September 2, 2010

Again, not much time to write much here this morning....

Been a rough go of it from Cascade Locks and the first 100+ miles in Washington with lots of rain. Tuesday I walked in rain all day with the trail being more like a trench of puddles ankle high in some areas. With all the rain, there wasn't a lot to see walking in the clouds. Tuesday night I crawled into a wet sleeping bag after stripping out of my wet clothes into a wet tent while the rain continued to fall. Needless to say the morning was not fun as temps dropped and the rain continued. But, with not much else to do but just keep walking, I did so over the Goat Rocks Wilderness into the clouds over a sketchy knife edge ridge. By early afternoon the clouds started to break up and the rain finally seized. This opened the skies up to some amazing views that gave me the impression I wasn't in the states anymore. It was what I imagine trekking through Scotland would look like. Very green open mountains with waterfalls abound. I had Celtic music blasting in my head all afternoon as I climbed through the beautiful mountains.

Still with wet gear in my pack I was dreading sleeping out again, so I decided to push on for a long 29 mile day to White Pass. I arrived at the road just as darkness was setting in to find a women calling my name. It was Margie Van Cleve! I had given her and her husband a tour last winter in my snowcoach through Yellowstone National Park. She has been following my progress from the Mexican border had been in contact with my mom through email the past few days trying to figure out when I'd be at the road. Dave and Margie live in Yakima, Washington about an hours drive from the trail. She waited over three hours at White Pass for my arrival, to bring myself, Boat, Golden Child and Drug Store to her home for a warm meal, laundry, showers, and cozy sleeping arrangements. What an amazing surprise! Thank you Margie!

With dry everything, its back to the trail this morning after a few burritos. Weather seems to be changing for the better. Can't wait for more Washington! The race is on for the border! Happy Trails!

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