Sunday, September 26, 2010

First night on the AT

I spoke with Zac this morning and he was on his second day on the AT. He had to reach the start of the trail on the top of Mt. Katahdin. This was approximately 5 miles from Baxter State Park. Then, he could start the journey south. He reached the top at 10:45. His goal was the get back down and out of Baxter Park before it got too dark. If he was unable to get out of the park it would cost 30 dollars to camp. He camped just on the outskirts of the park. Unfortunately, his head lamp batteries died and he had to set up his tent in the dark. He was too tired to eat much. He was able to stop a store today and pick up some new batteries and he will have some light tonight. Unlike the PCT, there are numerous lean to type shelters that will keep him from sleeping in the rain. He said he had passed by a few northbound through hikers that were almost through with their own trek. I am sure was remembering his own excitement when he was that close to the Canadian border. He said he had received some valuable information about trail conditions ahead. The trail has many roots and rock ledges to maneuver over and around. The going is slow. His foot was giving him some problems and he was not sure how far he was going to go today. He wanted to make it at least to the lean to shelter at Rainbow Springs. You can follow along if you go to, click the AT and you can get an idea of where he is.

If you want to send him a note or package the nearest address is: (send by tomorrow to make sure it gets there on time)
Zac Finley AT hiker
c/o Shaws Lodging
P.O. Box 72
Monson, Maine 04464


Pat McNeill said...

Go Slimjim! It was great meeting you on the PCT - I can't believe you are doing the AT now!
- patmcneill

Anonymous said...

SLIM JIM!! Come on down!!!

I'll be following your journey, and trying to learn how to make chicken Cordon Bleu.