Saturday, September 4, 2010

Mile 2,346 and going strong

It looks like Zac camped last night (Friday) at a place called Martinson Gap. His last spot was (46.89386,-121.50284) From Snow Lake, where he camped the night before to his camp last night, he had travled 34 miles. He is moving through the Snoqualmie National Forest. During his trek yesterday he crossed Pothole trail, Laughingwater trail, American trail, Dewy lake trail and the Bullion Basin trail. He went over Sourdough Gap, Blue Bell Pass, Scout Pass, Barnard Saddle and Hayden Pass. He also saw Snow Lake, the Bumping River, Anderson Lake, Dewy Lake, and Sheep Lake. His goal is to make it to Hwy I-90, (another 50 miles) by Sunday. There, he has plans to meet with his friend Linda, the Thanksgiving mom, and her family. She plans to give Zac and whoever is in his party a ride back to her house for a good meal and some rest before the final push to the Canadian border. The weather, according to my research has been and should continue to be dry and calm. The elevation is in the 5000 ft. range and getting lower. He is having the time of his far.

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