Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I smell bacon!!!!!!!

Zac camped last night along side Coon Lake. The elevation there was a low 2180 feet. The temperature was in the mid fifties and the weather was dry. This morning he had gone ten miles by 10:00 and was making good time. He crossed McGregor Creek, Buzzard Creek, Canim Creek, Cross Berry Creek, Bridge Creek and Maple Creek in that ten mile stretch. This afternoon he crossed over Porcupine Creek and into Cutthroat Pass. By the looks of his last few spots, it appears that he is trying to make it to a large campground 3 miles past Granite Pass. This is going to be an increase in elevation of almost 5000 feet. Last I heard from him he said his ankles were swollen some making it a little tender to walk. The distance between him and the border is in the double digits now. He is only 63 miles from being able to witness Canadian Geese and Canadian bacon in their natural habitat.

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