Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Getting from point A to point B was a real journey in itself. Point A being Manning Park Canada and point B being Katahdin Mountain, Maine. Saturday morning around 11a.m. Zac left Manning Park by bus to Vancouver Canada. He took another bus back to the states arriving in Seattle around 10:30 p.m. He had almost 24 hours before he was to catch his flight to Bozeman the next day. He had to walk about ten blocks in the rain from the bus station to the A line metro station that would take him the the airport. While on the train trying to dry out a couple from the Seattle area began talking to him and he told them about his journey. He told them he was going to sleep in the airport that night. They would not have it. These people insisted that he come home with them and get a good hot meal and spend the night in a warm bed. Zac could not talk them out of it and next thing he knew he was in his own room with his own bathroom. The couple were Susan and David and they treated him to what ever he needed. A trip to the post office and the library. He thanked them and took the A line to the airport. He flew to Bozeman Montana where he was picked up by Shea, a very close friend from Yellowstone. She treated him to a day at the spa for his birthday. I'm sure his body had an overhaul there. He spent a few days in Yellowstone relaxing before heading back to Bozeman. In Bozeman he went to see a doctor about his ankles and feet. The doctor told him that nothing appeared to be broken and he should try to take it easy and buy some insoles for his shoes to ease the pressure on his feet when he walks. He flew out of Bozeman at 6:00 a.m this morning with a stop in Denver and New York before landing in Bangor Maine tonight around 6:20 pm. He was able to catch the only bus going to Medway that day. The shuttle from the Appalachain Lodge met him there and took him to the lodge where he will be staying. After a night or two there, getting prepared, he will be shuttled to the trail head and the beginning of a a new adventure. I will keep you posted throughout the trail south. In the mean time I will post some of the last videos received from the PCT.

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