Thursday, September 2, 2010

Just Margieilous!

Since leaving Cascade Locks, it has rained everyday. The day before yesterday it rained the entire day leaving everything a soggy mess. Zac said the trail was a continuous running creek. The tent and sleeping bag were soaked and there seemed to be little refuge from the cold dampness. This did not slow down his progress. He managed to make 30 miles or more each of the days and was well into Washington by Wednesday. No spot had been received for about five hours as of late Wednesday night. He had mail to be picked up at a general store near White pass. The store said that he had not been by there yet. Margie, a friend he had met while working at Old Faithful driving a snow coach, has been following his blog. She lived only an hour away from White Pass and wanted to meet him there and feed him a good meal. She called a few times to check on his location so the meeting would go as planned. There was no real information to share with her since I had not received a spot for quite some time. She drove up there anyway and was going to wait in her car to see if she could spot him. Knowing that Zac had not picked up his mail we knew he had not been by the pass already. It was getting late and Marge was still waiting. She was by herself and it was getting dark. A hiker came by but it was not Zac. It was Drug Store, a PCT hiker who had met Zac and told her that Slim Jim was behind him some six miles. There was no way of telling if he was going to camp back there or try to make it to the store. He has been known to night hike. Margie fed Drug Store some goodies she had brought and the two waited a little longer. The night had come and Margie was getting ready to pack it in and head back home. Then, through the darkness she spotted a light, a head lamp. It was our hero, Boat and Golden Child coming down the trail. Margie fed them and offered them a ride to town to do laundry and dry out. By the time they got to town everything was closed. So what does she do? She takes them an hour away to her home and gives them a place to stay for the night. This could be where trail angels are born. This morning the group got a ride back to the tail head and the the store where Zac could get his mail. Thank you Margie for everything. Your persistence and patience have brightened up and dried out some soggy souls. You have earned your wings!

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Cindy said...

What a great story!! Thank you Margie for taking care of my nephew! You are truly a trail angel!!