Thursday, September 9, 2010


The past four days Zac has been hiking through some of the wettest trail he has seen so far. It has rained every day it seems and all of his gear is wet. He has been walking through muddy trail and eating his meals in the dripping rain. At night he sleeps, or tries to sleep, in a damp sleeping bag that just wont dry out. The temperatures are getting colder too. On top of that his left achilles tendon has flared up. It is swollen and painful to walk on. To compensate for the pain in his left foot he has had to put more pressure on his right foot. This is causing some pain in his right foot. Oh yeah, by the way, he got stung about four or five times on his right foot by some yellow jackets. But, he loves what he is doing and still manages to hike the 30 mile days getting closer to the Canadian border with every step. Tonight he is resting in a dry bunk in the Cascadian Inn in the town Skykomish Washington. He says the landscape is beautiful even in the bad weather. He is excited that he can see the light at the end of the tunnel and finishing the PCT. He will start in the morning at 7 A.M. on the trail head. 2,480 miles away from his start at the Mexican border. Side note: The weather in Baxter State Park in Maine is nice and dry and the temperatures are in the 70's.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to back country hiking in the Washington Cascades. Congrats on your journey... Cheers, from Snoqualmie Wa.

Tom M said...

i was recently stung by a yellow jacket in the smokies, those things are ridiculous. i feel for ya man