Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Back to the trail North

Zac called yesterday and said he had gotten off the bus from Reno at the town of Lee Vining. He still had 20 miles to go before reaching the trail head at Toulumne Meadows. The rain was coming in and it was getting cold as he started walking down Tioga Pass Road (Hwy 120). The third car that passed by stopped and he was given a ride. The driver was a French girl who was on her way to Alaska. She was on the road trip of a life time and I am guessing that she was happy to have some company. Zac said the two of them shared stories during the ride and got along well. When they reached the Meadows it was starting to hail so the two rode on to the valley near Yosemite and camped for the night. The next morning Zac caught the shuttle back to the meadows. While there he checked the post office and the hikers log. He saw that most of his old crew that he had been walking with off and on had already passed through. Much to his surprise, as he was coming out of the post office, he saw his friend Tom, the trail angel that has been helping him throughout his hike. What a coincidence to say the least. He had just dropped off three hikers when Zac saw him. The two talked and both went their separate ways. I have a strange feeling that Tom the trail angel will cross Zac's path again before too long. Zac called today around 11:15 his time. He sounded like he was in good spirits and was eager to get back to what he loves. One spot I got from him today was at 8:30 pm(38.00631,-119.37665) It looks like he was near Return Creek. The last one I received was 10:00 pm(38.00704,-119.39025). He is along Spiller Creek and I believe he will camp there tonight. He has hiked 14 miles today and 955 miles in all. I am sure he is happy to be back on track.

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