Monday, July 12, 2010


Zac is back on the trail after a bus ride/hitchhike trek to the trail head. He has decided to skip over a section that is about 25 miles of trial. This portion of the trail has been reported to have snow covered trail and dangerous river crossings. This was a difficult decision for him. He did not want to miss an inch of the PCT. He was feeling kind of low about it but he knew it was the right thing to do. He was able to get some new batteries for his GPS device. His last spot sent to me was (38.61333,-119.8273) He is on the trail north of Hwy 4. I did talk to him today and learned from him that his hiking pal Mango had left the trail and gone home. He was having some sort of pain in his legs. Actually, they were both in Reno at the same time and neither of them were aware of it. Best wishes to you Mango and hope you get back out there soon. If you check out this blog please send a comment so we know how you are doing. You have been a great friend to Zac and I know you will be missed greatly. I have added a few more videos so if you get a chance you might want to check them out.

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Jim Moody said...

Mr. Finley, Slim Jim and Golden Child called me this afternoon from Snoqualmie Pass - they must have been really bored. They gave me their blog addresses and I am catching up on the hike fron their viewpoint. I saw your invitation to update on my condition and hopr you get this. I injured my knee coming into Sonora Pass on 3 July; after 2 days of ice, rest elevation, beer, and Cheetos, it wasn't much better, so I decided the wise thing to do was pull the plug and go home. The orthopaedist says it might be one or more things, but if I can stand the pain, I can go hiking again. I intend to go back to Sonora Pass next summer and start north. I really enjoyed hiking with SJ especially the first night out of Kennedy Meadows. We camped in a hillside grove of pines overlooking the So Fork of the Kern R., where honest-to-goodness cowboys used to camp more than 100 years ago. I look forward to providing trail magic to SJ when he comes thorugh here on the AT later this fall. If you don't get this message, email me at and I'll send it a different way. Thanks for your concern. Mango