Saturday, July 24, 2010

mile 1305

Today is Saturday the 24th. Zac's total mileage for the trip is approximately 1305 miles. The elevation is getting slower and he is trying to get in as many miles as he can while he is going downhill. He told me the last time we talked that he came across two bears recently, a sow and a cub. The trail went right between the two. He said the pair looked surprised at him as he walked by. Risky thing to do but he had no choice but to go on between them. The cub was up a tree and mom was keeping a close eye on both of them. Not sure if any video was taken.
I am also trying to add some new videos and trying to put them where they go in his blog so you might want to go back and see if you can find them. I hope to hear from him soon so I can add some more detailed information.

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