Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sierra City

Zac called me today about 7:00 pm from Sierra City. He is at mile marker 1197.6. Of course I asked him right away about the mountain lion. "Oh yeah, it was really neat! I only saw it for about ten seconds and then it was across the trail and into the woods. So I ran (I'm thinking ran as in ran away from the thing but he meant he ran toward it.) HELLO!!!! He wanted to see where it crossed so he could get another look. He told me that it was no where to be seen. When it moved through the brush it did not make a sound. He said it was an amazing sight. He camped that night at what he called a Spartan camp. He said it was on a small flat spot on the edge of a cliff that was just big enough for one tent. From his site he could see the reservoir and the Sierra mountains and all their glory. Today he met two hikers named Johnny Law and Missing Link. It was nice to have some company along the trial. The spot device is not working as well as I want it to. He is sending them, I'm just not receiving them. When he got to Sierra City this afternoon, the dinner, The Red Moose Cafe, was closed for lunch and only serving dinner. There was sign instructing any PCT hikers to come on in. The owners offered him fresh fruit, shower, laundry service and told him he could camp in their back yard if he wanted to. Down the street at the grocery store he found out that he had a package from the Vermilion Valley Resort. This is where Zac worked a few days for some free room and board. The package was a box containing: giant Slim Jim's, homemade chocolate chip cookies, bags of popcorn, energy bars, chocolate bars (the good kind), granola, Jolly Ranchers, chap stick and some glitter stickers. There were also some hand written messages from friends there. He wanted me to say a special thanks to Roy, Jamie, Denise, Rock Star, Olive, Byron, and everyone else at the VVR. It was like Christmas to him. They were smart to send it to the grocery store instead of the P.O. Zac said that everyone in town was real nice to him. In one place a lady claimed to have accidentally made an extra milkshake and gave it to Zac. Good grief! He also said the lower elevation has made the temperature warmer. He is gong to be mailing home some of his heavier clothing. He has a blister on his foot that he looks like a sixth toe. All this wonderment and blessings in one day! Life is good. Thanks so much for your prayers. I don't believe he would be having such good fortune without them.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Zac- I am so jealous. I would love to see a mountain lion. I have moved again and my new land lady says that she had one on her lawn once and she lives just down the road. So who knows maybe I will get lucky enough to wake upto a lion sleeping in my yard LOL.

Take care