Sunday, July 18, 2010

On Saturday I spoke to Zac as he was heading away from Pooh's Corner. He was moving on at a fairly good pace. He had been having trouble with the Spot device. He was sending spots and not all of them were being received. He told me that some other hikers were having the same problem. It might be a problem with the satellite. I will do the best I can with the blogging with the spots I get. I am sure it will be resolved soon. He was trying to make it to Sierra City some time Sunday. He plans to camp there and collect the mail first thing Monday morning and continue his trek north. I received a text from him later that said, "Saw a mountain lion not thirty minutes after I talked to you" How nice. What a wonderful message to receive from my only son, hiking by himself, a few thousand miles away and in the middle of no where with a GPS device that is on the blink, not to mention miles away from the nearest pizza joint. He sent a few spots later that evening that let me know he was camped out and I presume doing fine. He had hiked 25 miles and was camping near Jackson Meadow Reservoir. (39.47021,-120.51536) His mileage total so far is 1186. Last time I spoke to Zac he mentioned that if anyone has any questions about his trip they can write them in the comment box on the blog. I will relay them to him and then relay an answer back on the blog. Thank you again for all of your support and prayers. Zac is aware of everyone following his journey and is very appreciative.

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