Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Night hike

Zac is starting to go through a section of trail that has little if any water along the way. It is thirty miles of heat and dust with a 40 pound pack on his back. He has hooked up with five other hikers. The group spent part of the day yesterday climbing in and around some lava tubes out side the town of Old Station. He has decided to tackle the waterless section by conducting a night hike. Why fight the sun if you don't have to. I received a few spots and it shows he walked 12 miles last night. One spot at 3:00 A.M. and the last spot (40.74191,-121.40328) at 7:30 A.M. I have mailed him another pair of hiking shoes which he should get at his next mail drop in Dunsmuir. He said the pair he has now are falling apart on him. The pair I am sending him are a pair he bought before his trip for this very reason. I'm also sending some items he never received that were in the lost box that finally ended up back here in Ga along with some new batteries for his GPS device in hopes of getting more spots. His spirits were up and he sounded excited about the night hike. Having some company makes a difference too I'm sure. Since returning from the wedding in Ga. on July 7th, Zac has hiked about 450 miles. If he can keep up this pace he should reach Oregon in approximately 14 days.

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