Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Making Tracks

Zac completed 28 miles on Tuesday thanks to good weather and a determined spirit. While hiking he walked a ways with someone that was heading to the Tahoe Rim Trail. He had lunch during a stop at Carson's pass. There were a few day hikers there who wanted to know all about his hike. They were asking questions about where he had been and where he was going. He held an outdoor classroom on hiking the PCT. They payed him for his information by sharing some fresh goodies for lunch. He had heard that there were amazing milkshakes in the town of Echo Lake. He was afraid that store would close before he got there. He somehow got the number and called. The lady at the store told him they would close in an hour. He was still a mile or more away but with the thoughts of such a great reward rambling around in his head, he was able to make it. If I had only known that I could have bribed him with milkshakes I am sure I would have gotten more yard work out of that boy. He told me that his tent had a hole in it that was making it hard to use the support pole that holds it up. He said that he was using duct tape but wasn't sure how long that would work. He learned that his friends he had walked with before his break, Tooth Fairy and Hot Mess, were only two days ahead of him. He gets this information by looking at the hikers log in town. He can look and see the date when hikers passed through. He is looking forward to reaching a place on the trail called "Pooh's Corner". This is another trail angel spot where hikers can get a good hot meal, dry place to sleep, meet with other hikers and just relax a bit before moving on. He wants to get in at least 20 more miles on Wednesday. He said there may be some snow to slow him down but wasn't expecting it to be a big problem. He sounds so much better now that he is back on the trail and moving. I think it was just what the doctor ordered.

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Anonymous said...

If you get a chance stop by Bucks Lake, the Trail Angels Terry and Nancy Williams are absolutely amazing. Really nice and good food.

Hope you're able to stop by!
- Golden Child